The 4 Principles of Article Marketing

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Do you feel that even though you have created an article, you felt like it has not generated you the traffic as much as you hoped it to be? Discover the things that you're not doing in article marketing.

1. The Title

When you're writing an article, create a title that can arrest the attention of the reader. Tap into the information you feel the person is looking for when you're writing the article. Some examples of titles that are proven to be very effective in article marketing, are:

-'How to...'

-'The Secret to...'

-'The Mistakes People Make In...'

2. Opening Sentence

Make your opening sentence interesting to make the reader excited to read on. You can try to suprise them with a statement, inject startling emotions to it or present a current problem u feel they're facing. Make them feel the excitement to find out more from you and be enlightened by your article.

3. Keyword optimization

Find out the keywords that people use to find the niche or the market that you are in. Use those keywords about 3-4 times in your article. Also, use those keywords in your resource box when you're describing yourself and your website and in the description of your article. This helps in search optimization and it can get your article loads of reads. The more redership it gets, the more it can help in increasing the traffic of your website.

4. Lead Them To The Resource Box

In article marketing, in the conclusion of your articles, summarize the important points you've made that you want to put across to readers. Then, in your reasource box, besides keyword optimization, you should also reference the article on where you have gotten those points. This will make them click your link to head on to your website.

Since a majority of people love to receive free stuff, you can use your resource box to promote the free items you'll be giving to your subscribers, like a free e-book or a newsletter. It is a method of persuasion for them to head on down to your site and learn more from you.

These four principles of article marketing have been used by thousands of internet marketers to promote their websites. These four methods have been proven to increase readership and traffic. Article marketing is something that


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The 4 Principles of Article Marketing

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This article was published on 2010/09/07