Market, Promote And Advertise Your Business On The Web: Be Guaranteed Of More Customers And Sales

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Here are 8 easy ways for new internet marketers to get started right and stay on the right track.

It's often asked: "I'm new at internet marketing. What must I do to get started right?" I believe in the basics. If you do the basics, you will get results. The basics may not be all you can do, but you have to begin if you want to be good, and beginning is half done. Things do change fast on the internet. You must flow with it, or get buried by the waves. Nothing stays the same. But, the basics are always here, and here are 8 basic things you can do to guaranteed of getting more customers and sales.

(1) Let people be able to click through to you. This means having a Website, even if it's in Facebook, or even If it's a blog. It can be paid for, or free, but you need an address. People need to be able to find you. For free hosting, go to It's the best going. If you want more than free, use Google and search "website hosting." There are plenty to choose from. Some business coaches say you don't even need an address. I think you do, especially starting out. I have four addresses, not counting pages on Wordpress, and I will create more.

(2) Auto-responders are necessary. Google this too. There are many types of them. They are not free, but the prices are about $10 to $50 or more a month.

(3) Choose a marketing niche. Make certain (a) people need what it is you are selling, and (b) you believe in what you are selling. If there is no need, what you believe in doesn't matter. Go to Google Keywords and see what is being searched for. Go to Amazon and check some of the books and magazines that people are interested in, and that are selling. There are many ways to check to see if what you want to sell is needed. A great place to search is in Clickbank.

(4) Give people something of value. Jesus says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," and as a follower of Christ, I live by what Jesus says. The bottom line is give away something that people need. Then they will connect with you, appreciate you, and trust you.

(5) Offer something extra after they click in. This is one thing many people miss. Only a small number will buy. 1% is better than nothing. Give people something good. Average is defined as "where the best of the worst meets the worst of the best." It isn't very exciting. Our goal in living, no matter what we do, is to help people attain their desires and goals. It is to help them become all they can be. John Denver used to like to say his goal was, "To lift people to higher ground." Comedian Woody Allen says, "Service to others is the rent I pay for my space here on earth." That's pretty good from a comedian.

(6) Follow up with them by an auto-responder (you created one in step 2). Give them more than they thought they would receive. Again, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Give people quality content. Don't just ask them to 'buy' from you. The focus is them, not you. What are their needs and desires? What benefits will they receive from what you have to offer? How can you help them? It has been said, "To find a need and fill it is the greatest leverage in the world."

(7) Ask people to BUY. Give them a specific map or directions: "Go here..." "Click here..." "Call this phone number..." And remember to show them the benefits they will receive. It has been said that everyone in the world is tuned into radio station WIIFM: 'what's in it for me?' Get it in your head: you don't want to just sell something to make money. Instead, you want to get them something they want or need. Jesus says, "Follow me." You must give people specific directions to follow.

(8) Create what is called 'a squeeze page.' This is your page where you just get their 'email address.' You must give them something of value - something they want or need, for them to be willing to part with their email address. This step is so often overlooked. This is where relationship takes place. This is what opens the door for them to be willing to receive future communications from you. We like to live by rules, but relationship is more important. There must be personal connection for the cash register to ring.

There are many 'strategies' for doing these things, but these are the BASICS! If you get these I your heart, then what comes out of your MOUTH (or your computer keyboard) will come naturally. Our spirit controls. Direct your spirit to be a giver, and to connect personally, and the rest comes more naturally. I've tried to extend my heart to you, as well as my mind. Have I connected? If your heart controls, the rest becomes automatic.
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Market, Promote And Advertise Your Business On The Web: Be Guaranteed Of More Customers And Sales

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This article was published on 2011/02/19