Butt Toning Exercises That Help Give You A Shapely Butt

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A major problem area for many women is the lower half of their bodies, to be specific, the tush, or, the buttocks. If you have flabby buttocks, or have a lot of cellulite in the lower half of your body, then, it is just right that you'd wish for a shapely butt. You need not go through liposuction just to tone the buttocks - you can perform butt toning exercises that can reduce your butt and make that once fat bottom sexier.

The Hip Raise

This is a recommended exercise for people who yearn for firmer buttocks. To do this, you have to lie on a firm bed, or a bench, on a face down position. You then have to lower your legs straight down, making sure that your toes touch the floor. While keeping both of your legs straight, the next thing you should do is to raise them in parallel direction with both the floor and the bed or bench. Squeeze your muscles (your glutes) while holding that pose, then, lower your legs slowly and let your toes touch the floor. By doing this repeatedly on a regular basis, you can have a shapely butt as hip raises can effectively tone the buttocks.

The Regular Squat

One of the most popular butt toning exercises is the squat. There are so many kinds of squats, but, the one discussed here can be called 'the regular squat'. The squat is fairly easy to do. You just have to stand, and then, make sure that your legs are far from each other at shoulder width distance. Next, you should slowly bend both your knees and hips as if you will be sitting down on a chair. Keep your back straight and lean forward a little if you want, but be sure to maintain a good posture. You should hold that position for more than a few minutes, and repeat for as long as you can in order to reduce your butt, or enjoy a shapely butt.

The Wide Squat

Another exercise that can tone the buttocks is the so called wide squat. This is an exercise that requires you to perform the steps you need for the regular squat, only this time, your legs should be more than a shoulder width apart. The wide squat is more difficult and more tiring to do that the regular squat, and is best done on a 'Smith Machine' for ensured safety.

There are still other kinds of butt toning exercises, but these three may be enough to enable you to reduce your butt, when done consistently.
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Butt Toning Exercises That Help Give You A Shapely Butt

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This article was published on 2010/11/03