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You're writing a bunch of articles to promote your topic expertise and direct people to your products and services through the articles. Your written articles are like interesting and informative conversations on paper. The more interesting you make your articles, the more you create an adoring following for your expertise. 

Developing your expertise through your article marketing can make you lots of money. You're sharing your helpful messages and turning them into information products. People are interesting. When they see something printed, they seem to consider it evidence of a person being credible. So, article marketing adds to your expertise credibility. Read on for more info on how you benefit by promoting your topic expertise through article marketing.

  • As you write your article marketing articles, you share information that establishes and re-establishes you as an expert in your field. The more articles you write, the more people have a chance to read about your area of expertise. The more they read about your information, the more you increase your chances of selling them your products or services. 
  •  Some people think information products only mean books or online ebooks. However, different people process information in different ways. That means that some people prefer to learn by hearing the information from a CD or an mp3. So, you can create a book about a topic AND a CD series. These can be physical or downloadable products.
  •  Another group of people prefer to learn information in a visual way. You can create online videos or DVDs to combine visual and auditory learning. That means, you could create a home study program of your topic using DVD's. So, now here's another way to provide your information and get more money sharing the same information. 
  • People can get a lot more money when they sell their information in a CD or DVD program, as the customer is getting closer to you with your voice and even more with seeing you on video. The market will tell you how much it is willing to pay for your program. So, test one price and see what happens. You may surprise yourself how much money you can make when you change the packaging of your program materials.
  •  And yet another group of people learn better through playing games. So, if you can present your product in a game form, that is yet another way you could make even more money. Think about Robert Kiyosaki. Think about other forms in which you can make money using article marketing. Seminars, teleseminars, coaching programs, card games. You can use article marketing in many ways. Take advantage of this great way to show your expertise.
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Article Marketing - Article Writing Shows Topic Expertise

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This article was published on 2010/03/27