An Overview of Lower Back Pain Problems

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What is lower back pain?


Lower back pain (Lumbago) or Lumbar back pain is a frequent musculoskeletal disorder that averagely affects almost eighty percent of individuals around the world. It commonly affects the muscles, joints, and nerves. It usually develops over time. This health disorder is due to the working conditions, certain sports like playing tennis, particular hobbies such as playing the guitar and accidents associated to the everyday scenario of man.


Why do people suffer from lower back pain?


There are many reasons why people experience lower back pain. This is among the common health problems arising in the United States. This has been the primary cause for a lot of missed work in the said area. It stands next to headache as the most common neurological ailment. There are different types of this health problem. It may be classified into three: (1) Acute – this is short term; it generally lasts for less than four weeks. If it remains untreated, it can lead into a more serious problem in the coming future to man. (2) Sub acute – which lasts from four up to twelve weeks and lastly (3) Chronic low back pain syndrome – the suffering continues for more than twelve weeks or three months. It can last for a long period of time if remains untreated. It is quite difficult to determine the main cause of the pain in this particular level.


Some Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain are as follows:


  • Muscle Strain – a muscle injury due to exhausting works and activities
  • Mechanical Conditions including degenerative disc disease, fractures, slipped disc, leg length difference, some congenital abnormalities, misaligned pelvis and the like
  • Simple back strain
  • Inflammatory Conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis
  • Paget’s disease – is a chronic disease which can lead to enlargement and misshapen bones. It weakens the bones that may result fractures arthritis and severe pain.
  • Posture – As a daily basis, posture is important as it is related to health of every individual. Improper posture like the manner of sitting can lead to a lifetime disorder.
  • Depression
  • Oxygen deprivation – It affects the tissues and organs in the body
  • Osteoarthritis – this health condition occurs as time goes by or when an individual gets older. The small joints at the back, particularly in the spine, are greatly affected. This can be a serious problem if it is not prevented right away. It changes the way of how people walk because it also affects the joints located in the hip area of man.

The Treatment and Prevention of this disorder


Most people do not realize how this health problem can seriously destruct their lives. The changes are not that instant. It usually occurs when a person start to gets older. Some doesn’t take it gravely because it is manifested as a simple pain only not knowing that it can greatly destruct the health condition of an individual.


Prevention is always better than cure. To stop the simple ailment leading to a chronic disorder, back pain treatments are made available on the market. There are numerous ways to relief from back pain. For instance, machine for back pain is created to bring efficient medications to lower back pain sufferers. Yet, it is still necessary to be extra careful when getting a certain device as a treatment. Some service providers don’t give top quality treatment. This only wastes lot money for some consumers.


The Back Bubble is one of the most effective back pain relief machines that deliver decompression back pain at home. This has been medically proven over twenty five years and has been used by several physicians and chiropractors. The good thing is, it can be used as back pain treatment at home. Its multi-positional feature can treat different lower back pain depending on its type. To know more about this device, simply visit now!


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An Overview of Lower Back Pain Problems

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This article was published on 2012/03/30